Biodiesel Blending Webinar with NATSO’s Alternative Fuels Council

Thinking about investing in blending biodiesel? NATSO’s Alternative Fuels Council walks listeners through what economic benefits are available and what steps to take to determine what profit margins could be gained. Wondering if there are any strategies you haven’t tried as a blender to compete with your surrounding competitors? NATSO share tips and stories shared with NATSO from blenders across the United States. Trying to make sense of the RIN market and compliance requirements? Let NATSO guide you through what we’ve learned over the years about the market and how to manage compliance with the RFS. Fuels tax specialist, Oscar Garza, Esq., also joined to discuss advantages of the Blenders Tax Credit as well as other risk mitigation and proper accounting measures related to fuel. Learn more about NATSO’s Alternative Council at

Originally shared by NATSO on August 2, 2022.

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