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U.S. Oilseed Production Advancements to Support Additional 1.4 Billion Gallons of Biomass-based Diesel Production by 2030

A new study shows feedstocks produced within the U.S. are on track to support domestic production of an additional 1.4 billion gallons of renewable diesel and biodiesel, also known as biomass-based or biobased diesel (BBD), by 2030.  Commissioned by the National Oilseed Processors Association and conducted by S&P Global Commodity Insights, the report verified that […]

The Time Value of Carbon: Why Reducing Emissions is Essential Now

In the race to mitigate climate change, the timing of our actions is critical. Net-zero greenhouse gas emissions goals for 2050 are prevalent in mainstream conversations, but conversations about what needs to be done in the interim are more muted. The scientific consensus is not just about net-zero by 2050; annual global emissions must peak before 2025. […]

OMB Regulatory Agenda Outlines Upcoming RFS, HBIIP and CO2 Pipeline Rulemakings

The White House Office of Management and Budget on July 5 published its 2024 Unified Agenda and Regulatory Plan, which outlines rulemakings and other actions under development by various federal agencies related to the Renewable Fuel Standard, biofuel infrastructure, CO2 pipeline safety, and wood heating. According to the agenda, the EPA is currently scheduled to […]

Oilseed Industry Concerned that Increase in Imported Feedstock will Undermine U.S. Producers

The rising demand for renewable fuel and subsequent tax credits to incentivize production has led to a significant spike in imported feedstocks like used cooking oil and tallow, which some say could undermine the domestic oilseed industry and result in fraudulent materials entering the market. Animal fat and vegetable oil imports more than doubled between […]

Scientists: Renewable Fuel Standard Land Use Claims False

Eight scientists told a federal appeals court last week that claims made in a lawsuit that the Renewable Fuel Standard has led to the loss of habitat for endangered species and loss of grasslands are untrue. The Center for Biological Diversity filed a lawsuit in July 2023 challenging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s so-called RFS […]

Chevron REG Calls for Higher Renewable Volume Obligation Levels Under RFS

A biofuels market specialist says demand has been increasing for biomass-based diesel. Paul Nees, general manager of global supply and trading with Chevron Renewable Energy Group, says new production capacity has been coming online. “So much so that we’re actually starting to see some compression of margins as the production of the fuels has outpaced […]
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