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Midwest Biodiesel Success Stories

The rising demand for higher biodiesel blends and success stories among Midwest fleets were the topics of a recent Clean Fuels Alliance America podcast. Jennifer Weaver, OEM market development manager for Clean Fuels, was joined by Bailey Arnold, American Lung Association director of Clean Air Initiatives, and Pete Probst, president of Indigenous Energy, to weigh-in on […]

Clean Fuels Take on 40B SAF-GREET Release

The much-anticipated user interface to calculate the 40B SAF Blenders Tax Credit using Argonne’s GREET model was released on April 30. The good news is that all the Clean Fuels’ HEFA feedstocks should qualify under the tax credit in some capacity. Using the GREET methodology, all feedstocks except canola will qualify, while canola can meet […]

Updates Needed Before 45Z Clean Fuel Production Tax Credit is Released

Clean Fuels Alliance America says the U.S. Treasury’s new modeling does provide a path for agricultural feedstocks to receive sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) blender tax credits, but it’s not perfect. Kurt Kovarik, vice president of federal affairs, tells Brownfield the credit expires at the end of 2024. “While it was nice to get this guidance […]

Growmark Pilots Vector System to Decarbonize Bulk Fuel Transportation Fleet with B100

Growmark Inc. recently announced that it partnered with Optimus Technologies to test 100% biodiesel in five semi-tractors in its Manito Transit fleet as a potential pathway for transitioning the entire fleet to low-carbon fuels. The development is part of Growmark’s ongoing efforts to look for decarbonization opportunities within the company and its network.  Optimus Technologies provides […]

Port of Detroit Releases Decarbonization and Air Quality Improvement Plan and Video

The Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority (Port of Detroit) is undergoing an ambitious decarbonization project, which aims to reduce the port’s environmental impact, and improve sustainability. The project is ongoing and will implement a range of innovative technologies and methods to reduce emissions and promote cleaner energy sources, positioning the Port of Detroit as a leader […]

Midwest Fleet Focus: Biodiesel Success Stories | The Better. Cleaner. Now! Podcast

Discover how fleet testimonials and technological advancements have bolstered OEM confidence in biodiesel and paved the way for cleaner fleet operations. Jennifer Weaver, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Market Development Manager for Clean Fuels, is joined by Bailey Arnold, Director of Clean Air Initiatives at American Lung Association, and Pete Probst, President of Indigenous Energy, to […]
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