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Webinar: The Future of Internal Combustion Engines in Light-Duty Vehicles in the United States

Consumers have an ever-increasing number of vehicle choices and fuel options for their personal mobility. The market for new electric vehicles is growing, representing 9.5% of new light duty vehicle sales in 2023, more than doubling from 2021 (4.3%), according to the Alliance for Automotive Innovation. At the same time, automakers continue to produce increasingly efficient advanced […]

Webinar: Over 10 Million Miles of Evidence That Fleets Can Decarbonize Today

Webinar Date: April 24, 2024 at 1:00pm CST Trucking operators today navigate a maze of decarbonization possibilities, many of which seem theoretically sound but are pragmatically unproven. This presentation offers key actionable insights gained from more than 10 million road miles with customer partners and nearly a quarter century’s experience seeking viable decarbonization solutions that advance […]

Webinar: ICCT Releases ‘Feasibility Study of Future Energy Options for Great Lakes Shipping’

The International Council on Clean Transportation recently released ‘Feasibility Study of Future Energy Options for Great Lakes Shipping,’ a report prepared for the U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration. The report scrutinizes the feasibility of diverse future energy options for Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway shipping through 2050. It evaluates alternative fuels and power […]

Webinar: The Renewable Diesel Boom: What Does the Future Look Like?

Farmdoc Daily webinar from University of Illinois Extension. Scott Irwin, agricultural economist from the University of Illinois, discusses the renewable diesel boom and what the future looks like. Topics include an overview of renewable diesel, the impacts of the renewable diesel boom, what’s driving the boom, and where the boom is headed given oversupply and […]

Webinar: The Benefits of Biodiesel Chevron REG Webcast

Chevron REG and Cummins recently announced a collaborative plan to improve access to alternative and renewable fuels as well as fuel infrastructure for fleets. In this webcast, hear from Dave Slade, Chief Technologist at Chevron REG, and Ivan Iazdi, Engine Business Strategy Director at Cummins, as they discuss the benefits of biodiesel and how this lower […]

Webinar: Reducing Emissions Through Renewable Diesel

On this webinar Empire Clean Cities explored the impactful role of renewable diesel in reducing fleet’s carbon footprint. As the transportation industry shifts towards sustainable practices, understanding the benefits, production processes, and applications of renewable fuels is crucial for fleet managers. Discover how integrating renewable fuels can not only contribute to environmental conservation but also enhance […]
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