Detroit DOT Adds 10 New Clean Diesel Coaches to Fleet, Continuing Conversion to More Environmentally Friendly Buses

The Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced today it is continuing to expand and improve its fleet of buses, adding 10 new cleaner diesel-engine coaches to the fleet today. This is in addition to 28 new coaches added last August. A delivery of 10 more new coaches is expected this spring, which will complete DDOT fleet replacement of more than 150 new coaches since the conversion began in 2016.

The continued addition of newer buses to the DDOT fleet means it’s the transit system’s youngest and most environmentally friendly fleet to date. The new coaches added this week will allow for the decommissioning of 10 more of the older green-and-yellow coaches from 2010, which are among DDOT’s oldest buses still in active service.

The new 40-foot coaches, from bus manufacturer New Flyer, will use an environmentally friendly fuel blend of 20% biodiesel and standard diesel, known as “clean diesel.”  While the 2010 coaches also used “clean diesel,” engine technology has improved significantly so the new buses produce fewer emissions overall.

“DDOT continues to provide quality, safe, and reliable transit to its riders, and cycling in new coaches play a large part in that,” says DDOT’s Executive Director of Transit Mikel Oglesby. “Newer coaches are better for the environment, cheaper to maintain, more reliable and are more comfortable for riders, which makes it a win-win-win for Detroit.”

The new coaches will feature amenities for riders such as bicycle racks, video infotainment, and USB chargers, as well as protective barriers to offer the operators additional safety on their routes. The cost for each coach was approximately $521,000.

Originally shared by the Detroit Department of Transportation, February 13, 2023.

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