Biodiesel Bill Could Bring Carbon Targets Sooner

A Michigan lawmaker says his newly introduced bill will help incentivize demand and educate consumers about biodiesel.

Representative John Fitzgerald tells Brownfield the bipartisan legislation provides retail fuel operators a tax credit for selling higher blends of biodiesel, like B5+ and B11+.

“This is kind of two-pronged as it helps growers produce soybeans and it also helps people produce that biodiesel that we so desperately need to help to accelerate our ambitious goals to become carbon neutral,” he shares.

He says while there is also a place for electric vehicles to meet carbon goals, biodiesel can be used immediately to reduce emissions.

“We need to be doing something now that can help to reduce that carbon footprint, this accomplishes that,” he says.  “It also sunsets in five years, where we can reassess the program, make sure that it is meeting the needs of our industry and those who are consuming the product.”

Fitzgerald is also a member of the Michigan House Agriculture Committee. Brownfield interviewed him during a biodiesel event on the Detroit River Wednesday.

Listen to the interview here.

Originally shared by Brownfield News, July 27, 2023.

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