Webinar: Driving Beyond B20: How Fleets are Accelerating Their Decarbonization Efforts with Biodiesel

Is your fleet on the hook to meet aggressive new sustainability targets? Decarbonization doesn’t have to be daunting. Join us for an enlightening Product Feature Webinar to learn how fleets can operate Better, Cleaner, Now by powering their existing diesel vehicles and equipment with low-carbon liquid fuels like biodiesel. You’ll get a primer on biodiesel fuel quality, characteristics, and performance, as well as an overview of OEM positions on biodiesel and the trend toward higher blends beyond B20. Plus, hear how Optimus Technologies, a diesel engine decarbonization company focused on the largest and most challenging sectors of the transportation industry, is enabling fleets with heavy-duty diesel engines to run reliably and dependably in all weather conditions on 100% biodiesel fuel (B100). Tune in to reduce your fleet’s operating costs, eliminate carbon emissions, and meet long-term sustainability targets in a cost-effective way, today.

Featured Speakers:

  • Jennifer Weaver, OEM Market Development Manager for Clean Fuels Alliance America
  • Lori Dunn, Chief Operating Officer, Optimus Technologies
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