Pods for Profit: Supporting Biobased Fuel Growth in Michigan

Michigan soybean farmers are working to increase visibility and adoption of biodiesel with the creation of the Michigan Advanced Biofuels Coalition (MiABC). By promoting use of cleaner-burning advanced biofuels, the MiABC helps support energy security and improve air and environmental quality in our state. Learn how biobased fuels reduce emissions from diesel vehicles, vessels, and airplanes for a lower carbon footprint.

In this episode of Pods for Profit, Pete Probst, president of Indigenous Energy and technical director for MiABC, shares how the organization is creating opportunities to increase biobased fuel demand and growing its stakeholder base. Listen to the podcast here.

Originally shared by Brownfield News, October 31, 2023. Updated for purpose and clarity, November 1, 2023.

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