Optimus Ships 500th Vector System to Decarbonize Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines

Optimus Technologies, a company dedicated to decarbonizing heavy-duty diesel engines in the most challenging sectors of the transportation industry, announced today that they shipped their 500th Vector System. The Optimus Vector System is a bolt-on, advanced fuel system upgrade that seamlessly integrates into new and existing engines and delivers CO2 reductions of over 90%.

Optimus Technologies is the global leader in decarbonizing heavy-duty diesel vehicles using 100% biodiesel or B100. Their patented technology enables diesel engines to operate consistently and reliably on B100 in all weather conditions.

“We’re excited to announce this significant milestone for our team and the planet. Our system delivers the greatest lifecycle CO2 reductions without the excessive costs or challenges associated with vehicle charging infrastructure of electric vehicles. Optimus is rapidly scaling manufacturing in order to deliver practical, immediate, decarbonization solutions for fleets worldwide.” said Colin Huwyler, Founder and CEO of Optimus Technologies.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, vehicles using B100 instead of petroleum diesel reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 75%. Furthermore, data from the US Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory indicates that the total lifecycle of carbon emissions from B100 powered vehicles are considerably less than both electric and hydrogen solutions.

Since Optimus Technologies delivered their first commercial system in 2018, leading private and municipal fleets including ADM, Chicago Parks, Chevron REG, and Washington DC’s Department of Public Works, have entrusted Optimus and the Vector System to achieve their sustainability targets. Optimus provides a practical, cost-effective solution for decarbonization while ensuring fleets retain their operational resiliency; Optimus clients are dramatically reducing their emissions without compromising delivery schedules or critical public safety operations.

Optimus Technologies and B100 offer heavy-duty fleet operators a direct route to achieving carbon neutrality. Unlike electric and hydrogen solutions, the Optimus B100 solution is already in use at scale with leading private and municipal fleets.

Having now shipped 500 units out of their Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania headquarters, Optimus is well positioned to meet the growing market demands for fleet sustainability. The company will continue to accelerate growth into 2024 with plans to more than double current headcount in the next 12 months.

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