Clean Fuels, Ag Industry Excited Over Potential for SAF

A governing board member for Clean Fuels Alliance America says sustainable aviation fuel is a groundbreaking market for the ag industry.

Greg Anderson tells Brownfield the next six years will change the clean fuels landscape. “There aren’t great quantities of sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF, being produced,” he said. “However, the airline industry is calling for three billion gallons by the 2030.”

Only 20 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel is currently being produced, according to Clean Fuels Alliance America.

Anderson says producers of soybeans, corn, and other feedstocks can help lead the charge to increase production. “What other technologies are out there? There are none,” he said. “We have the answer. We’re becoming very popular very quickly with major airlines.”

And, he says more sustainable aviation fuel can provide long-term health benefits. “We’ve done health studies around major airports where you have higher incidents of certain chronic diseases, lung issues, breathing issues, and asthma because the air is so polluted.”

Anderson spoke to Brownfield at the 2024 Clean Fuels Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

Click here for the interview.

Originally shared by Brownfield Ag News, February 6, 2024. Headline updated for clarity and purpose.

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