Warner Petroleum Corporation Announces that B-99 Biodiesel is Now Available in Port of Detroit

B-99 Biodiesel is now available in the Port of Detroit with the first refueling at Warner Petroleum Corporation’s fuel terminal on the Detroit River.

Warner Petroleum Corporation made its first bulk delivery of B-99 biodiesel fuel at its Detroit terminal over the weekend of February 2. The delivery provided a refueling to a Great Lakes vessel that regularly delivers liquid asphalt and fuel cargos at the terminal.

Warner is a key supplier of maritime and over-the-road fleet fuels on the upper Great Lakes. Today’s delivery is the first delivery of B-99 from Warner’s terminal in Detroit and is the highest blend of this emerging fuel to be offered by the company. It is part of a trial run for the customer who is working to convert their fleet of vessels to B-99 fuel. Lower blends of biodiesel have been available from Warner’s dock in East Chicago, Indiana, for the last two years and for the last year at its Detroit dock and terminal.

“Warner is ready to supply and support the evolving and growing needs of our North American and international fleet of customers transiting the Great Lakes waterways,” said Jason Smith, Vice President of Supply and Sales at Warner Petroleum Corporation. “Many of our customers are shifting to more environmentally friendly products to fuel their vessels and we stand ready to partner with them by providing these new and evolving products,” Smith said.

The availability and expanded use of biodiesel fuel, both for Great Lakes vessels and landside vehicles and equipment, will help advance the efforts of the Port of Detroit’s De-carbonization and Air Quality Improvement plan that was initiated last year. Biodiesel is seen as a near-term solution for reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality in the region.

Located on the Detroit River between the Ambassador Bridge and the new Gordie Howe International Bridge, Warner Petroleum Corporation has been operating its terminal on the Detroit River for more than 30 years. The terminal offers high-capacity refueling services, liquid and bulk storage facilities, and trans-loading services. The strategic location of the Detroit terminal makes it a critical and efficient link in the maritime system for both U.S. and international vessels.

Originally shared by Warner Petroleum Corporation, February 5, 2024. Updated for purpose.

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