Port of Detroit Releases Decarbonization and Air Quality Improvement Plan and Video

The Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority (Port of Detroit) is undergoing an ambitious decarbonization project, which aims to reduce the port’s environmental impact, and improve sustainability. The project is ongoing and will implement a range of innovative technologies and methods to reduce emissions and promote cleaner energy sources, positioning the Port of Detroit as a leader in sustainable port operations.

The decarbonization project began with a partnership between the Port of Detroit, Tunley Environmental, and Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision (SDEV) that involved a range of outreach and education initiatives. The project also included the creation of a comprehensive report that highlights the emissions released within the Port of Detroit and proposes strategies to address those emissions, including through the implementation of renewable energy sources, electrification of port equipment, and the use of cleaner fuels like biodiesel.

Download the report.

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