Webinar: Over 10 Million Miles of Evidence That Fleets Can Decarbonize Today

Webinar Date: April 24, 2024 at 1:00pm CST

Trucking operators today navigate a maze of decarbonization possibilities, many of which seem theoretically sound but are pragmatically unproven. This presentation offers key actionable insights gained from more than 10 million road miles with customer partners and nearly a quarter century’s experience seeking viable decarbonization solutions that advance commercial trucking.

Optimus Technologies has crafted patented technologies to meet critical market implementation challenges, including integrating with OEMs into new trucks, making biodiesel fuel viable in all climates, capturing and analyzing fuel use and carbon reduction data for sustainability reporting, and ensuring operational resiliency. 

Colin Huwyler, Optimus’ CEO and mechanical engineer, will focus on:

  • The real-world testing and reliability of bolt-on fuel system that runs on either diesel or biodiesel. 
  • Results from more than 10 million miles on the road and a comprehensive 1.3-million-mile study conducted with ADM Trucking. 
  • Use of real-time data for reporting for customers with ESG goals. 

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