Michigan Advanced Biofuels Coalition

By promoting use of renewable advanced biofuels, the Michigan Advanced Biofuels Coalition (MiABC) helps support energy security and improve air and environmental quality in our state. Learn how advanced biofuels like biodiesel, renewable diesel, and sustainable aviation fuel reduce emissions from vehicles, vessels, and airplanes.

What are Advanced Biofuels?


Proven advanced biofuel that works in any diesel-powered vehicle or vessel to significantly reduce tailpipe emissions. 

Renewable Diesel

Growing advanced biofuel option that can be blended with biodiesel or petroleum diesel for year-round performance. 

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

High-performance alternative to petroleum-based jet fuel, providing the same power at a fraction of the carbon footprint.

  • Education

    Communicating advanced biofuels benefits to fleets and communities.

  • Networking

    Stakeholders share advanced biofuels successes and best practices.

How MiABC supports the use and production of renewable advanced biofuels in Michigan

  • Technical Expertise

    Fuel experts answer questions and guide transition to advanced biofuels.

  • Promotion

    Motivating fleets to adopt advanced biofuels for a better Michigan.

What MiABC Stakeholders Say About Advanced Biofuels

  • IMG_5916

    Roy Strom

    President & Chief Executive Officer, W2 Fuel

"W2 Fuel believes in alternatives to fossil fuels. Our mission in producing biodiesel is to achieve energy independence, clean air and environmental responsibility. Biodiesel can reduce carbon emissions now, while we are waiting for electric vehicles to become viable alternatives to petroleum diesel. We are proud to partner with MiABC to support our mission and advance the use of biodiesel in our state."

  • Leon Jackson

    Leon Jackson

    Founder & Co-owner, Thumb BioEnergy

"Electricity use will grow in the transportation sector, but we will still need substantial amounts of liquid fuels, including diesel, for certain applications. Biodiesel has the capability to help fill that need in a way that achieves a low carbon index. We look forward to working with MiABC to spread the word and, ultimately, increase the use of low-carbon biodiesel in Michigan."

  • maxresdefault

    Scott Piszczor

    Manager, Altom Transport

"Altom Transport has always aspired to provide the highest level of service on every single delivery. Part of our mission of success involves using biodiesel fuel to reduce our environmental impact. Joining MiABC is another way we’re doing the right thing for our customers and our communities, both today and in the future."

  • Peter Probst

    Pete Probst

    President, Indigenous Energy

"Using advanced biofuels - like biodiesel, renewable diesel, and sustainable aviation fuel - is the easiest way for fleet operators to lower their carbon emissions while supporting local agriculture. Indigenous Energy is proud to work with stakeholders of the Michigan Advanced Biofuels Coalition to increase adoption of these fuels in Michigan and beyond."

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