Detroit Shippers Moving Toward More Biodiesel

The shipping industry is turning to biodiesel as a solution to meet carbon reduction goals.

The International Maritime Organization has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2050 and cut emissions by 15 percent this decade.

Dr. Robert Moorcroft is a carbon reduction scientist working with the port authority in Detroit to calculate a baseline.

“Biodiesel burns a lot cleaner, so that will clean up the air,” he shares.

Moorcroft tells Brownfield biodiesel is one of the fastest ways to cut pollution.

“It can be a drop in like-for-like replacement for diesel, so you don’t need to change your infrastructure,” he says. “It’s really very much an immediate option.”

Warner Petroleum Corporation’s work to increase biodiesel supplies from a fueling wharf on the Detroit River and other grant projects supporting biofuels were featured as part of an event on the river Wednesday with the Michigan Advanced Biofuels Coalition.

Listen to the interview here.

Originally shared by Brownfield News, July 26, 2023.

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