American Lung Association Launches Biobased Academy for Fleets

The American Lung Association’s Biobased Academy® is now live for fleet use.

The ALA’s new comprehensive online training program educates fleet and facility professionals and technicians on the operational, health, safety, and environmental benefits of biobased fleet, facilities, and grounds products. The American Lung Association offers this program with the United Soybean Board.

“The American Lung Association is proud to offer this comprehensive training program to educate professionals on the operational, health, safety, and environmental benefits of biobased alternatives,” said ALA Director of Clean Air Initiatives Bailey Arnold. “Implementing biobased products is an easy way to complement existing carbon reduction strategies while protecting the overall health of employees, communities, and the environment.”

“USB’s partnership with ALA offers an unprecedented new resource for fleet and sustainability leaders along with their staffs to learn about the benefits of soy inside products they can use every day in their fleets,” says Ralph Lott, who serves as Chair of the soy checkoff and farms in Seneca Falls, New York. “U.S. Soy offers natural choices in a wide range of products, from Goodyear soy-containing tires to biodiesel and hydraulic fluids.

“Our USB-funded outreach to fleets across the nation has proven that leading sustainability-minded fleets want to help educate their staffs about these products,” added Lott. “We thank all the fleet leaders from across the nation who reviewed these educational materials for their real-world practical use.”

Upon completion of the Biobased Certified Fleet Professional (BCFP)® course, participants will have a firm understanding of how and why biobased products can be safer, rapidly renewable, and reliable alternatives to petroleum-based products that improve operational, health, safety, and environmental performance. Participants will also understand the type and variety of biobased products available and how to procure them.

Programmatic Benefits and Purpose

  • Benefit workers through reduced exposure to harsh chemicals and fumes.
  • Assist organizations in reducing their environmental footprint with soy-biobased products.
  • Increase fleet and facilities’ knowledge of soy biobased products.
  • Contribute to the United States economy by increasing the use and sale of biobased products produced from domestic renewable resources.
  • Train and assist fleets and facilities in implementing cutting-edge sustainability practices, like soy biobased products, to create ideal candidates for national fleet and facilities awards, such as the 100 Best Fleets in the Americas and USEPA Federal Green Challenge award programs.

Participants Will Gain:

  • Awareness of the human and environmental effects of air contaminants and contact exposure to chemicals.
  • Awareness of the requirements and liabilities associated with spills and releases of pollutants and contaminants.
  • An understanding of the current definitions and meanings of commonly used terms related to environmental sustainability.
  • An understanding of fuel standards, performance attributes, proper storage procedures and biofuel blends.
  • An understanding of the type and variety of biobased products applicable for fleet/facility operation and maintenance activities.

Originally shared by Fuels Fix, July 31, 2023.

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