Webinar: Exploring Renewable Fuel Use in Backup Power Generation

Recent reports from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) indicate that a large portion of the North American bulk power system is at risk of insufficient electricity supply during peak winter conditions. Prolonged, wide-area cold snaps threaten the reliable performance of bulk power system generation and the availability of the natural gas used by many generators.

In the Western United States, devastating wildfires shut off grid power and threaten communities, as was the case in Del Norte, California where they successfully and rapidly deployed backup generators which restored vital electrical power to the 27,000 residents. As the nation pursues aggressive climate change mitigation strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it simultaneously must ensure resilience and reliability from natural disasters and other events to ensure access to life-saving electricity. The use of low carbon renewable fuels and internal combustion engines in backup generators brings a proven means to ensure continuous electrical supply with lower greenhouse gas emissions.  

Join the Engine Technology Forum (formerly the Diesel Technology Forum) on December 14 for a virtual event featuring Greg Lamberg from Peterson Power Systems, Matt Leuck from Neste, and Tammy Klein from Transport Energy Strategies to discuss how internal combustion engines and renewable low carbon fuels are a key part of the nation’s energy strategy.   


The event is free but registration is required. Register here.

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